BodyTalk Therapy

BodyTalk is a revolutionary form of alternative healthcare.  It encompasses: kinesiology, yoga and psychology, as well as Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic principles. ‘It is based upon the principles of energy and is a practice that aims to integrate the body’s natural abilities to help reach physical, emotional and spiritual health.’ (

Sessions range between 10 – 60 mins. The body’s innate wisdom generally indicates how much time is required for the bodymind to focus in that one particular session. Bodytalk is an accumulative process. Every circuit of energy that is supported to help correct itself in a session builds on the one before. This means you will continue to enjoy the process long after you have left the session which again helps to support improved states of mental, spiritual and physical health.

Bodytalk may be helpful with:

  • Headaches, Migraines
  • Back, Neck, Joint pain, Arthritis & stiffness * Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections
  • Food, chemical, environmental allergies
  • Digestive disorders & IBS
  • Constipation, Bladder problems (bed-wetting)
  • Hormonal disorders, Period pain and P.M.T
  • Abnormal Blood sugar levels, Food cravings * Fears, phobias
  • Emotional trauma, Addictions, Eating disorders
  • Children’s disorders such as Hyperactivity, Sleep problems, Learning disabilities, Dyslexia and Behavioural problems.

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